Featured Beauty: Wet n Wild!

This is one of my favorite “diamond in the rough” line of cosmetics. The brand can be found at any drug store and most items are less than $5, yet can compare and often exceed the quality of products I have purchased for top dollar at Sephora. On top of it all, this is one of few cosmetic companies that does NOT test on animals.

If you want to know more about companies that are animal friendly go to the Caring Consumer website and browse around.

I posted a review of some of Wet n Wild’s products that can outshine even the pricier brands. Read more if you want to find out some penny saving beauty secrets! You know, with the price of gas…..

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In The Beginning

Hey guys please check back for more updates!!! This will be a site for LOVE for the environment, nature, all living things, culture, and each other; PEACE and balance between what we aim for and the goals and livelihood of others; and BEAUTY on all levels, inner and outer. I hope everyone will leave comments on their likes and dislikes and voice their opinion. This is an open forum for you and hopefully I’ll have answers to your questions.

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